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Located in the heart of the historic Krutenau district, our salon gives you the benefit of its glass facade with a charming view, but not only! At Minelle, transparency and clarity act as a philosophy, of course, but the decoration inspired by the premises also complements the chic and zen atmosphere of the lounge to offer you a timeless moment and invite you to a tête-à-tête with our team dedicated to hair beauty. 

Listen - understand - advise

The three key words of Hugo, the owner, and his team; all competing in attention and expertise for each client. This combination of skills can adapt to all heads and all styles to save your hairstyle in structure and technicality. Advocating tailor-made and quality, Hugo and his team suggest their ideas and practical advice, because at Minelle, the hairstyle must be created, built, shaped!

The journey around your hair begins with its diagnosis. Indispensable time of exchange in our salon to know everything about your hair and your beauty routine, our few questions and your enlightening answers are enough for our expertise to establish your personalized diagnosis. Minelle then helps you to better understand the nature of your hair before offering you the bath and the most suitable care for your hair. By selecting the best products so that your hair gains strength and consistency, Minelle demonstrates its demand for quality and efficiency. 

Color - balayage - haircut - styling

Each with his / her styler areas of excellence and inspiration. Each expert on our team masters all the ins and outs to boost shine and create light effects on your hair. We will endeavor to pass on our knowledge to you so that you understand how to have beautiful hair.

The treatment or mask proving to be crucial for your hair, we systematically include it in our services before continuing with an operating procedure aimed at restoring the hair fiber. Each step of the coloring is therefore accompanied by intense, personalized, tailor-made treatments, in order to invite our customers to fully experience these unique sensory feelings and thus encourage them to take care of them.

At Minelle, our expertise crosses technicality with art: we multiply and cross techniques, we refine to the millimeter. The appreciation of the dosages and the subtlety that we integrate into it is an integral part of our strategies to enhance your hair. We handle scissors, brushes and brushes with the same precision, making it a point of honor to always perfect each of our gestures, to refine each of the techniques, to master each innovation. We respect the recommended dosages and strictly respect the brands protocol for the technical services used.

Our objective is clear: opt for a tailor-made and precise coloring to adapt to the desires of each and make you adopt all the richness of the finely nuanced reflections.

Our code of conduct is transparent: advocate precision to illuminate your hair in an ultra-natural way and recommend flawless behavior.

Color technicality is a profession in its own right. Sweeping is the ideal technique to give a boost of radiance to your hair and discover the pleasure of reflections in its natural base. In order to bring light to the hair with a very natural sun effect, the specificity of Minelle is based on our original working method; we work the entire hair, strand by strand, combining different techniques and means: the pliers, the sponge or the hand.

Our salon responds to a commitment, that of using the most hair-friendly cosmetic, which is why we closely follow the work of the best laboratories formulating the care and colors. Our responsibility makes us act with respect for our company, its environment and its development. This is why we are always in demand of excellence, for ourselves and for our partners: 

In summary and in quote from Pierre Reverdy (artist, writer and poet) "Ethics is aesthetics from within".

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In the heart of the Kruteneau
district in Strasbourg

70 Rue de Zurich, 67000 Strasbourg


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9 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

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