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Hair care bar




Women Services

Kerastase ritual + care + styling 30 € *

your first step washing bath which initiates the beauty program,

this 2nd gesture to compensate for the need for the hair, sublimate the material and restore the balance of the scalp

Get the perfect gesture for your styling

Kerastase ritual + care + cut + styling 38 € *

your first step washing bath which initiates the beauty program,

this 2nd gesture to compensate for the need for the hair, sublimate the material and restore the balance of the scalp

Get the perfect gesture for your styling

Premium permanent color 38 € *

ammonia free and with natural antioxidants

Tone on tone coloring 30 € *

Bring shiny reflections for a natural result

ideal for covering the first gray hair

Natural gloss 27 € *

Natural reflection - delicate color whose formula contains

up to 98% ingredients of natural origin

Balayage 39 € *

Provides light on the entire hair

for a melted and natural result

Ombré 39 €

Natural and progressive gradient with roots

shaded and with subtly lightened pointers

Tie & die 39 €

A visibly lightened color on the tips,

with a progressive or graphic intermediary

Clay balayage 48 €

A much more natural technique which

gives beautiful reflections to the hair without drying it out.

Without ppm, sls, edta, ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, sodium persulfate.

Sun effect 28 €

Adds shine to the surface of the hair

for a natural result, back from vacation, sun effect

Patina / matching 27 €

Root maintenance and length illumination

and tips for a vibrant result

Extreme blonde 48 €

Overall lightening of the hair

for a platinum blonde effect

Make-up removal 30 €

Gentle removal of pigments to regain shine

and lightness or return to a natural color

Scrub 30 €

Elimination of false reflection or overload of pigments

to regain a vibrant color

Cleaning 30 €

Elimination of artificial pigments

to change color

Olaplex 24 €

Protection of the hair fiber during color service

for stronger hair

Smoothing natural keratin tannin from 150 €

Acts directly in the salt bonds and hydrogen bridges of keratin molecules.

Instantly smooth and safely reduce up to 100% frizz,

increase the resistance of the capillary rod

a smoothing treatment from 16 to 24 weeks based on

which contains NO FORMALDEHYDE or formaldehyde derivatives,

making it one of the safest salon treatments available.

Same day color application *

Hair Care Bar

Tokio Inkarami 70 € *

A professional repairing and regenerating treatment with absolute efficiency,

specially formulated to deeply repair very damaged hair,

high-tech hair care, its formulation is unique

contains six kinds of keratins and amino acids.

Olaplex deep treatment 32 €

A hair care composed of unique ingredients that deeply repairs,

protects hair by restoring

chemical bonds broken by chemical services,

Contains no silicone, sulfate, phthalate, DEA, or aldehyde

Miracle Keratin 28 €

A product designed to perfectly restore the structure of seriously damaged hair

The results of the treatment are visible from the first application

They last between 6 and 8 shampoos, repeated applications will prolong its effect

Natural active ingredients: pyhtoceuticals extracted from grapes, rich in polyphenols, exerts a strong antioxidant action

* Women services for short hair

At Minelle we want to show our customers how to have beautiful hair.

In order to obtain a unique result, care is important and necessary for your hair.

Therefore, care is offered in all the services and techniques we offer.

Each stage of coloring is accompanied by deep, tailor-made treatments aimed at restoring the hair fiber.

By creating this service, we want to encourage our customers to take care of themselves and the things they love.

Men's Services

Men's cut 25 €

Kerastase bath, scissor cut or clipper

styling, wax, razor finishing

Cut + beard size 30 €

Kerastase bath, scissor cut or clipper, styling, wax, razor finish,

beard trimmer with trimmer or scissors, wire or razor finish

Student cut 20 €

Kérastase bath, scissor cut or clipper, styling, wax, razor finish

Beard cut 14 €

Cover 5 coloring 23 €

To blend your white hair naturally and discreetly


  • Treating shampoo
  • Hairstylist-colorist consultation
  • Single use bathrobe
  • -10% discount for female students
  • Massage
  • Styling products
  • Kerastase - moroccanoil - davines - Redken Tokio Inkarami

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